Paid services

The list and cost of paid medical services rendered by "KM Lepel regional psychiatric hospital."

1. The stay of foreign nationals in the psychiatric ward of the hospital number 4

2. The provision of drug treatment in hospital free of charge, anonymous (hospital (comfort Chamber), day hospital - charge):

  • Hardware methods of treatment (transcerebral e. Therapy, magneto-irradiation of blood);
  • Encoding method (drug);
  • Medical methods of "blockade";
  • Interrupt the binge;
  • Treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome;
  • Individual psychotherapy, psychological help;
  • Rehabilitation programs;

3. Correction of anxiety and depressive disorders (individual psychotherapy, psychological, drug assistance, physical therapy: treatment - sauna, bath, hand and mechanical massage, etc.).

4. professional consultation, complete psychodiagnostic examination prescription. For more information call 802132-4-16-06

5. The personal care for citizens in a psychiatric hospital without medical indications, including foreign nationals. For more information call 802132-4-18-87

6. Medical examination

  • Examination for admission to work
  • Inspection to determine whether the use of alcohol, drugs and tools for abuse and intoxication

7. Laboratory diagnosis

8. Physiotherapy

9. Transport citizens accompanied by medical worker


The procedure and conditions of paid medical services Ultrasound "Lepel regional psychiatric hospital"

1. Examination for admission to work (pretrip inspection of motor vehicle drivers) - a hospital emergency room, round the clock, according to signed contracts. Inquiries - 18 April 87 - leading economist Polonskaya Tatyana S., from 08.00 to 17.00

2. The medical examination for intoxication - around the clock, in the presence of an identity document and a written statement detailing the request for examination. Inquiries - 16 April 06 - the emergency room

3. Information on the provision of anonymous drug treatment at the hospital hospitalization (day hospital) and the treatment of alcohol dependence syndrome can be obtained from departmen number 2 Skovorodko NI (Tel. 4-19-62) departmen number 4 Sevruk VN (Tel. 4-16-05), a psychiatrist, the psychiatrist Kopytova VF (Tel. 04.11.36)

4. To perform laboratory diagnosis can be obtained from a laboratory paramedic Leichenko EA (Tel. 4-17-64)

5. To perform physiotherapy and hydrotherapy can be obtained from the nurse physiotherapy brain NM (Tel. 4-81-31)

On the conclusion of the contract and payment of Lead Economist - Polonskaya Tatyana S. - 18 April 87

The procedure and conditions for the provision psychiatric care anonymous

Medical care is provided anonymously to the establishment in a hospital (day care) without adding real name, your own name, patronymic (if any), place of residence (stay) in the patient medical records and includes the diagnosis, treatment, medical rehabilitation, prevention.

Anonymous offers the following medical services:

  • Psychiatric examination of persons engaged at their request, in the absence of medical indications;
  • Application at the request of individual psychotherapy techniques of adult and family therapy;
  • Psychotherapeutic assistance;
  • Drug and toxicological assistance;
  • Prescribing persons recognized as suffering from chronic alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse, suffering from nicotine, gambling and computer addiction, as well as in relation to consumption and the harmful effects of alcohol, drugs, psychotropic, toxic or other intoxicating substances;
  • The provision of mental health care in the border forms of mental and behavioral disorders (diseases), with the exception of patients, for whom, in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Belarus should be set follow-up;
  • Screening for infections, sexually transmitted infections;
  • Testing for the presence of antibodies to human immunodeficiency virus.

The institution in health care counseling is carried out anonymously.

If you have a medical condition and the patient's consent (legal representative) to mental health care can be brought anonymously psychotherapist, psychologist.

Medical care can be anonymous for a fee or free of charge in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

When handling a patient in an institution for medical care anonymously provide information about him:

  • The list of medical services rendered anonymous;
  • The cost of medical services and the conditions of their payment;
  • Training of health workers;
  • Operation of the institution;
  • A special permit (license) for medical practice with an indication of works and services that make up this type of licensed activity;
  • Other relevant information.

The cost of medical services provided anonymously, determined in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Belarus.

Payment for medical services rendered anonymous is made in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

In patients who seek treatment anonymously, issued a medical card inpatient defining the named patient name, age and place of residence (seat) without a passport of a citizen of the Republic of Belarus, a residence permit in the Republic of Belarus, refugee certificate, the document the identity of the foreign citizen.

Patients receiving medical care anonymously, are not issued medical documents confirming such assistance anonymously. In the interest of the patient can be given your hands memo containing information about the dangers of violations of medical prescriptions.