Specialization of the hospital

Establishment of health care "Lepel Regional Psychiatric Hospital" was founded on December 20, 1945, according to the decision of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee No. 1078 of November 30, 1945.

Pursuant to Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 22 of 16.11.2000, the requirements of the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus, the order of the Health Administration of the Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee No. 59 of 07.03.2001 was renamed the Lepel Regional Psychiatric Hospital (hereinafter referred to as the hospital).

The first employees of the institution began their work with the renewal of a dilapidated building with their own hands, where two chambers - male and female - were subsequently opened. Conditions of work and life were difficult, in connection with which, at that time, few drug therapies were used, mainly physical methods of treatment, care and monitoring of patients were used. Since 1947, they have started to use insulin for a limited period of time, apply ECT. In 1953-55 the second half of the building was restored, calm and restless chambers were deployed, treatment with neuroleptics was started. The bed capacity has increased to 150 beds.

In 1963, after the reconstruction of the building of the former orphanage, the men's department was separately deployed. In the same year, for the first time in the Vitebsk region, medical and manufacturing workshops for recreational activities were opened. Since 1964, 50 beds have been deployed. Medical work is widely deployed, new methods of diagnosis and treatment are introduced.

In 1976, a three-story building was built, 360 beds were already deployed, including 30 narcological ones.

The first head physician of the hospital was Mamoyko PM, then Melnikov RB One of the first treating physicians was Hirschgorn EA, who for 45 years treated patients. For a long time the hospital was headed by Zhigar MA, later awarded the title of Honored Doctor of the Republic of Belarus.

In 1964-1965 a group of graduates of the Vitebsk State Medical Institute was sent to the hospital. This is Sekerskaia LV, Zhuk SP, Zhuk ZI, Kopytov VF, Golovach AA, Zorko AT. In subsequent years Golovach AA on materials of work with patients defended his thesis, headed the department in BelMAPO. Zorko A.T. - He worked as deputy. Regional Department of Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee and Chief Physician of the Republican Clinical Psychiatric Hospital "Novinki".

The doctor-psychiatrist of the highest qualification category Kopytov V.F., who works in the institution at present, since 1964, was a head doctor and almost 18 years (until retirement) was the head physician of the hospital until November 1998. Subsequently, the main doctors of the hospital were Ushakova MA (until December 2003), Petrische AK (until October 2004). From October 2004 to the present time Kopytov AV is the head doctor of the Lepel Regional Psychiatric Hospital.

The staff of the hospital works steadily, steadily, in fulfillment of its planned indicators, thanks to the diligence, conscientious work of all medical personnel and, first of all, nurses. It was their hands that restored buildings destroyed in the post-war years, patients were served, the hospital town was improved. Among them the first nurses-veterans: Polonskaya NI, Sushnikova NK, the knight of the Order of Lenin - nurse Bel'skaya MF, the holder of the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, the participant of the partisan movement - the nurse Bulukh A.M., the former home hospital nurse Kudina LA - activist, the initiator of many undertakings. He does not lag behind the veterans, who are no longer with us, and the younger generation.
Currently, the Lepel Regional Psychiatric Hospital is a multidisciplinary medical and preventive institution that provides highly qualified, specialized emergency and planned psychiatric, narcological, psychological medical assistance.

The hospital serves the population of Lepel and Lepel district, Orsha, Beshenkovichi, Dokshitsky, Senno, Chashniki, Ushachi, Tolochin district.

The treatment is carried out in a complex way with the participation of a team of specialists: psychiatrists, narcologists, psychotherapists, psychologists. In addition, psychotherapy, massage, physiotherapy according to individual programs are conducted.

The provision of psychiatric and narcological care is organized in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On the provision of psychiatric care" and protocols of diagnosis and treatment in the system of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus. "