Tasks and functions of the establishment

According to the health establishment Charter “Lepel regional phychiatric hospital” (hospital – further) is a constituent part of public health system of the Republik of Belarus and refers to municipal property.

The founder of the hospital is Vitebsk regional executive committee, authorized body is Health Direction of Vitebsk regional executive committee.

Hospital property belongs to Vitebsk region and is assigned to hospital in the capacity of daily running. The main goal of the hospital is providing the populace with specialized, highly qualified, consulting medical aid.

Main tasks:

  • Rendering highly qualified, specialized, urgent and systematic medical aid to the population;
  • Timely and qualified check-up, treatment and rehabilitation of patients in a hospital;
  • Rendering consulting help to the population;
  • Interaction and continuity with other medical and prophylactic establishments and sanitary and hygienic departments;
  • Improvement of medical care and service quality;
  • Optimization of budget and economic activity;
  • Development of material and technical basis;
  • Social development of staff;
  • Timely adoption of new technology;
  • Guarantee the readiness for work in the extreme conditions.

The hospital provides with:

  • Urgent and systematic specialized medical aid;
  • Close interaction with other medical, prophylactic and health establishments in rendering medical aid to the population;
  • Constant improvement of prophylactic work, diagnostics and treatment of patients, of forms and methods of interaction with other medical and prophylactic establishments of the region on the assumption of population needs in real economic conditions;
  • Comfortable everyday and psychological conditions in the hospital;
  • Personnel observance of ethic norms and deontology;
  • Well-timed and qualified medical and prophylactic manipulation, prescription and supplementary services to the population;
  • High quality of nursing;
  • High quality and rationality of diet for stationary patients;
  • Observance of sanitary norms, equipment operating rules, sanitary and epidemiological regime;
  • Uninterrupted work of medical equipment, machinery and mechanisms, engineering, technical communications and constructions;
  • Rational use of working, financial and pecuniary recourses.

Forms of activity under licensing:

  • Medical activity;
  • Pharmaceutical activity;
  • Activity, connected with narcotics, psychotropic material and precursors;
  • Industrial security activity;
  • Activity, providing security for juridical and physical persons.